Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Special Chance for Preschool Teachers to Make A Difference

Tip for the Day:  Take a moment to hug a child, to get down on his/her level and share a book, a story, a moment of connection.  Those are priceless to you and that child!  One of the best ways to take a time out and show some love is with children's books.  My favorite new book for young children is L, M, N, O, P by Keith Baker and, if you don't know it, you should also look at Platypus Lost by Janet Stevens (new to me!).  Check them out!


At 12:01 AM I was up, checking to see if the dream might really have a chance AND IT DOES!

Region IV Head Start Association, serving Head Start families and children in 8 SE states (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, and TN) is partnering with my company, TLA, Inc. to bring an innovative, comprehensive project to this region.  It's called the BIG 3 Literacy Project and involves providing resources, training, support and materials to nearly 880 classrooms that serve within this Region IV's area.  You can learn more by watching our video and reading about our project at THE BIG 3 Literacy Project.

But it will not happen unless everyone we know (yes, everyone I know and everyone you know)casts a vote.  It's simple:

Visit The Big 3 Literacy Project, register and cast your personal vote.  Put a note on your calendar to come back and vote daily from September 1 (today) all the way through midnight of September 30.  This repeat voting is what will get us the numbers we need.

Share this blog or a link to the project with your friends and colleagues in the early childhood world.  Through this project, we have a chance to enhance and support the work of Head Start (and Early Head Start) in this area, where a lot of children and families need it most.

You can conveniently text your vote by simply texting 102675 to Pepsi (77374).  Remember that regular texting rates apply. 

If you have a blog you'd be willing to post a widget to, visit our home project page, to capture it.  Look to the right side of the page, scroll down slightly and you'll find it. 

Of course, Tweets, Linkedin sharing, and Facebook postings, other social media sites are all welcome.  We cannot do it without you!  I love new friends on these sies (litambassador at Twitter and Facebook).

Together we can make a difference -- Stay tuned!

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